Places to Visit Under Lockdown

Written By: Megan D'egello

Last Updated: 2021-02-25

A global pandemic and all the travel restrictions that accompany it is enough to dampen anyone’s spirits. Add to that list the terrible fires that have ravaged the state of California, and some of the best camping grounds in and around Yosemite National Park also get ruled out due to recent reports of heavy smog and less than ideal air quality in the area. 

But, if you own an RV or are in the market, there is good news for you yet. Owning an RV means that you can still stick close to ‘home’ and create amazing family vacations by planning smartly, avoiding states worst hit by the pandemic and following social distancing guidelines - stay safe, and live life! 

Places to Visit

As the world begins to get used to the “new normal”, thousands of campgrounds around the United States are slowly starting to open up albeit with various restrictions in place.

Below, we’ve put together a list of states in different parts of the country and the attractions that each of them have to offer. At the date of putting this list together, these states had some of lowest reported Covid-19 cases


Wyoming Mountain Range

Although Yellowstone National Park has prohibited access to the great crowd pleaser sites like Tower Fall campground and Fishing Bridge RV park for the entire year, some campgrounds are still open. The most up to date details can be found on the State Park’s website. This may be a great trip to consider especially since the state of Wyoming where the majority of the park is situated, has some of the lowest numbers of Covid cases reported. While there, also be sure to check out the Grand Teton as well as Devils Tower National Monument. The Devil’s Tower Gulch Restaurant is also highly recommended for both food and dessert (fantastic ice cream) for the entire family to enjoy. They also have a nice little gift shop for a souvenir or two.  


Montant Scenary.

The state of Montana is very near the top of the list when it comes to states with the lowest numbers of reported Covid cases. Which makes it one of the best RV vacation destinations as it is home to Glacier National Park. With it’s snow peaked mountains (even in the summer months), this park offers stunning views and picturesque scenery to enjoy. Combine this with crystal clear glacier waters and pretty drives down the Going-to-the-Sun road, this gem makes for a great RV destination. 

South Dakota

South Dakota Mt Rushmore

With its low infection rates and a number of attractions available for RV’ers, South Dakota is another state to consider not just for the casual goers but also for those looking for a home base as a full time RV’er. Not only does it have no income taxes but the sales tax is also very low. There are numerous RV parks, Mount Rushmore and the open prairies to consider in order to make lasting memories. 

North Carolina & Virginia

Iconic Blue Ridge Mountain Range

The Blue Ridge Mountains provide a stunning 500 mile drive between North Carolina and Virginia dotted with RV campgrounds throughout to allow RV goers means to enjoy stunning vistas, sweeping mountain views and an opportunity to spot much of the wildlife and plants that the area has to offer. Combined with steadily falling Covid rates, this drive is a must to consider. 


Utah horizon with mesas & blue skys.

Next on the list is Utah with all the exciting sights and scenes that it has to offer to the RV’ers. With several attractions to visit in and around Moab such as the red rock formations near the western slopes of the Rockies, the arches national park with its stunning rock formations and the renowned RV campsite at the Zion River Resort makes it a great stop for exploring the Zion National Park in the area. The sprawling landscape is sure to afford the RV’ers plenty of room to social distance and take necessary precautions. 


Main Lighthouse & Ocean Seaside Views

The northeastern part of the country has done a great job in recent months to keep the Covid numbers down. The state of Maine has been one of the best on that list and there is no shortage of supply when it comes to places to visit there in an RV. Some of the best spots to visit are: The Acadia National Park - chock full of its hiking trails and the stunning mountains rushing to meet the ocean. You have the Baxter State Park with 200,000 acres of wilderness to explore with trails dotted with waterfalls. The Sebago Lake with opportunities to kayak and explore charming lakeside villages. There’s also the picturesque Aroostook County with campgrounds in towns like Presque Isle, Houlton and Island Falls to explore. 

New Hampshire

New Hampshire Fall Colors & Farm House

Understandably, this neighboring state of Maine is also high on the list of states successful in keeping a lid on the spread of Covid. There are a slew of state parks sprinkled throughout New Hampshire but some of the best areas to explore in an RV lie within the White Mountains and the national forest nestled within that region. The vicinity to the Atlantic ocean provides getaways at the beaches including the renowned Hampton beach during the summer. There is also no shortage of great camping grounds in the state of New Hampshire so you will have plenty to choose from no matter where you are in the state. Not only does the state of New Hampshire shine in the sunny months, but even as the chill begins to set, the fall colors are a sight to behold as the state is transformed into an artist’s vivid tapestry. The famed Kancamagus Highway or the New Hampshire Route 112 is an enchanted 34 and a half mile drive that winds across mountains and valleys with numerous viewpoints and camping sites strewn about along the way. The nearby towns of North Woodstock and Lincoln offer a variety of activities for everyone in the family such as zip-lining and ATV trails to explore for the adventurous souls and bear shows at Clark’s Bears in Lincoln for families with younger kids. 

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Follow COVID Protocols

Of course it goes without saying that CDC and park guidelines must be followed at all times for everyone’s safety. Because of Covid, many of the parks have limited access to overnight amenities. Many shower and dish washing stations remain closed and local restaurants and local attractions have limited their hours of operation. Before visiting any of the parks and sites, make sure to check their websites or contact the local responsible authorities for exact information regarding temporary closures and/or special visit requirements. 

On behalf of the staff here at Happy Traveling, Happy Holidays, and Stay Safe/Health.

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