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Summates RV Tarp Cover


What does it do?

Mother nature is harsh! The sun, the rain, snow, wind - they all take their respective tolls on your trailer. Your roof, seals, siding, windows, and electrical and mechanical components all take beating for every minute they are exposed to the elements. The truth is that no product can 100% protect your trailer from all elements, all the time. But just like us humans that wear rain gear when it rains, or snow jackets during the winter, the Summates RV Tarp Cover provides an additional layer of protection to shield your trailer during your storage months.

This tarp also comes with straps that allows for extra grip to your trailer which is great when it's particularly windy.

How do we use it on our own trips?

Well, we don't use on our trips, more like we use this when we are not on our trips and we plan on storing the trailer for more then 2-3 months. Typically, this means during our winter months (where we live, there is plenty of snow December-March). Because of the extended snow season, we have to heavily winterize our trailer and as part of that effort we slap this tarp/cover on and our trailer is well sealed for the winter months.

  • Weight varies on the size of the cover, but the 20-22' cover weighs 27.2 pounds
  • Various sizes are sold that support 14-33' trailers & RV's (AKA Universal Fit Cover)
  • Quadruple layer SSFS Panel and Single layer Sides
  • Water Resistance yet Breathable
  • Reinforced Corners Resist Snags and tears,Idea for short term storage
  • Zipper Entry Panels for Easy Access During Storage
  • Bottom Mounted Straps/Buckle System Prevents Loss to Wind

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