Unmatched Luxury and Quality made with Dynamax RVs

Dynamax is committed to providing the most enjoyable ownership experience in the RV industry. Through a dedicated on-site service department, exceptional value is offered, and strong relationships with owners are cultivated. Combining superior safety, quality, and reliability with industry-leading warranty and customer service creates a powerful ownership experience. While efforts are made to prevent issues, the Warranty and Customer Service Support are always ready to address any problems that may arise.

As part of Forest River, Inc., Dynamax ensures a worry-free ownership experience for years to come.

The passion for providing quality RVs with exceptional value has resulted in legendary product integrity and customer loyalty. Innovative engineers use state-of-the-art facilities to create products that maximize comfort and features, all backed by the trusted Dynamax name. Attention to detail is the recipe for success. Innovative, customer-friendly products are a source of pride, and incredible customer loyalty is enjoyed because product input from Dynamax owners is always welcomed. This feedback allows reliability and functionality to be designed into every RV built.

Starting with a solidly engineered OEM cab chassis platform, a cohesively engineered coach is built on it. There are no corners to cut—only curves. Eye-catching paint schemes and styling that flow with the OEM body lines result in a visually appealing, structurally solid product with aerodynamic properties that improve maneuverability for a better driving experience.

State-of-the-art paint booths are conveniently located on-site, allowing for greater control over the process compared to competitors. Meticulous paint crews provide the highest quality of exterior paint in the industry, ensuring that every Dynamax RV is a masterpiece of durability and beauty.

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