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Ground-level Investment Opportunity

Who and what is RVSnag and why should I care?

RVSnag was in the early conceptual phases about one year before COVID (circa 2018). When COVID hit, the demand for outdoor recreational vehicles skyrocketed. Sadly, when COVID restrictions began to relax, so did demand.

RV and recreational vehicle chart for COVID

Thankfully, the "boom" and "cool" periods in the US are a GREAT thing for RVSnaga and its business model. The more RV/travel trailer "movement" that exists in the market the greater the opportunities to engage with our audiences to participate in those sales and to enrich their research, communications, and over-all experience.

With the flood of campers (both people and vehicles) that are flooding the market, our leadership team sees an amazing opportunity to provide real value-add to our audiences, but also opportunity to significantly grow the business. Opportunities exists with:

  • RV Dealerships
  • Independent buyers and sellers
  • Ad and marketing opportunities
  • Targeted audience building (email, text, phone, etc)
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Resorts and RV sites
  • Average outdoor enthusiasts
Each of the above identified segements is rich with opportunity and prime interests. The RV industry alone is 59 Billion in 2021, and expected to grow 7% YoY through 2030 for an estimated total of 105 Billion. Camping gear is about 22 Billion in 2022, and is expected to continue to grow 7% YoY, matching pace with RV's and travel trailers. RVSnag isn't after the entire pie. We just want a slice. It's our belief and current roadmap that we strategically target specific markets and audience segments for the highest return on investment. Our three main segements include (1)affiliate and ad/marketing, (2) digital dealerships (inventory hosting), and (3) digital private sales.

What's different about RVSnag vs other competitors?

RVSnag is currently lead (both in business and technology) by an industry battled-hardened former-data-scientist and engineer, who is also very passionate about the outdoors. This blend of data, tech and nature sets the tone. But tone isn't enough.

The technology used to feed RVSnag costs a staggering ~$100-200/mo to run. Keeping our operating costs on-par with most companies phone bills. This includes: crawlers; website; image CDN; cloud DBs; cloud infrastructure; advanced data analytics platforms; automated reports; marketing tools; social media. In fact, our largest costs is probably buying lunch and drinks for our current employees!

We can get away with this because we started post-cloud-revolution. The entire RVSnag ecosystem is seamless and serverless. Meaning less overhead, higher performance, quicker to scale, and cost efficient from the ground-up. No data-centers and an advid culture to NOT have unnecessary bloat and unnecessary spend/over-engineering.

RV's are just the start. The future for the framework we've developed also includes boats, ATVs, classic cars, etc.

Give me the numbers - what's the real opportunity?

We calculate that for every $1 you give us we can give you $1 million in return. JOKING! Those aren't numbers we're going to give online. If you are interested in walking through the business model we ask that you sign a few documents before we open the books.

Let's just say that with a little capital investment early on, we anticipate healthy returns.

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What's different about RVSnag vs other competitors?

The other competitors in this space are BIG players. Our market research suggests that they very healthy command over the marketplace. Our objective isn't to compete with them directly, but rather find niches of the market that only we are prepared to satisfy. Great examples of this include advanced data analytics, competitive pricing, and a breadth of fresh-air; some of the players in this space face very little serious competition and are tightly coupled with the RV politics. We aren't interested in taking on the industry -- we want to partner with the industry, we want to grow our collective industry with the main goal of growing our audiences love of the outdoors, traveling, and continuing to foster the RV community -- we all win!

As such, it's our data analytics, our advanced web technology and engineering infrastructure, our leadership, roadmap, and business strategy, and our growing unique set of tools/offerings to buyers, sellers, and dealers that will ultimately help to differentiate us in the marketplace.

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