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How to Keep Your Kids Entertained while Camping in a Travel Trailer

The thought of camping with kids can be daunting - not because it’s miserable or horrible with your kids, but because your kids have their universe at home - their toys, their comfort activities, their routines and friends.  On top of it, when you are towing 5000-12000 lbs behind you, potentially disconnecting from modern civilization (AKA Netflix and Disney+), you stress about their safety, happiness, and their ability to adapt to the next few days or weeks of camping. Here are some helpful tips to keep your sanity and actually enjoy RV camping.

5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Trailer
kitchen worthy

Transform your RV or trailer into a modern sanctuary with these five easy updates! Infuse vibrant hues, illuminate your space with contemporary lighting, and add personalized touches for a homey feel. Say goodbye to the temporary tent vibes and create a stylish, welcoming haven on wheels. Explore the art of RV customization for a travel experience that reflects your unique taste and makes every journey feel like coming home.

Winterizing Your RV or Camping Trailer
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As the days get shorter and the nights grow colder, every serious RV’er is reminded of how they have to make the difficult choice of whether they should park their RV for the winter or if they should simply roam around until they find greener pastures (literally). If you fall in the latter category, we’re envious. But those of us who are faced with the difficult choice of calling it a season, must follow that decision up by taking the steps necessary to winterize their rig. 

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