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RVSnag is North Americas growing premier RV and travel trailer website, offering all sorts of travel destinations, cooking tips, and of course, our premium trailers gathered from all over the US representing used, new, dealers, and private sellers! Our team stays very focused on making sure the website and features we offer stay up and running, but that means we need YOUR help to provide quality articles to the RVSnag family! That's right, YOU, are being enlisted to help. Writing an article for a professional company can seem intimadating, but we assure you that we won't hang you out to dry, especially if this is your first blog. Dive in, take a swim with us, don't be shy! We can provide you with ideas if you are stuck, review your article for spelling and grammar mistakes (we make them all the time), and we'll even help hunt down relevant images.

Contribute to the Community

You probably want to know what's the catch, right? Well, we know that our fellow campers have plenty to say and RVSnag is all about providing you and your family a forum to shout it to the world. Now, we do have rules for what we'll allow to be posted, but I think you'll be surprised that we are pretty open and can work with you to deliver sensitive topics and opinion pieces. RVSnag was not just created for showing trailers for sale around the US, but it was created with the family, your family, my family in mind! Help us grow the RVSnag family. Period.

Perks of Writing an Article for

Perks are pretty straight forward:

  1. Build your backlinks: Add your backlinks to your website (great for bloggers looking to build authority and trust for SEO).
  2. Build your resume: Get your name "in lights" at RVSnag (we often showcase/advertise guest authors contributions on social media to help spread the word)
  3. Support your business: We absolutely love supporting other businesses that are in alignment with our vision and mission - if you have a store or product to sell let's chat! We help all sorts of people make a side-hustle by selling gadgets, do-dads, and wizbangs on our website all the time.
  4. FUTURE OFFERING: Free Listing: For each blog article you write we offer a 100% free coupon to list an RV with 50 photos -- that's one of our highest tiered packages! Use it yourself, give it to a friend or family member! We don't mind!
  5. Help others through sharing: Because it's nice! We are a small family-run operation, we've propbably camped long side some of you over the years, and we could use all the help we can get.

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Terms & Conditions

Ownership of Articles

Let's be straight-up about this. RVSnag would own the article once you gave us permission to post it. The reason for this is pretty simple. We are taking on a certain level of liability when we post your opinions or feature your travel photos, and if something goes wrong, we have to fight the good fight in court! I hope it never happens, but it's a real threat. This protects you as much as it does us! If you want to own your article forever-more, we supoort that, but posting on our website is probably a bad fit!

Liability & Slander/Defamation

We will work closely with you, especially in the beginning to make sure your article/blog fosters a sense of community, inspires families of all ages, sizes, and colors; at RVSnag our company and personal philosophy is all about inclusion. To this end, we do reserve the write ('right', it was a dad-joke, get it?) to edit, remove portions or in whole anything that you submit. Especially if it slanders or defames or increases our liability in any way. We all have bad trips, and horror stories about some of our trips (I have sites I won't go back to), but we made a decision a long time ago that those experiences could hurt their livelyhood and we just don't know if some of those people were having a bad day or just didn't like us - live and let live! It's because of this belief that we won't allow anything that could be perceived as hurtful to an individual or a business. With that said, if you have evidence of factual events (bad product experiences is a good example) we are willing to help you navigate the sensitive waters of writing your product review. At the end of the day we are looking for honesty, happy memories, and for everyone to get along!

Take Down Requests

For the sections above, from time to time, we get the occassional 'take down request'. This is typically in the form of "I posted a photo of someone at our camp site, and they didn't want their photo on your website" -- not a problem, we 100% understand and respect that. We can swap it out or make any necessary edits to an article to ensure individual rights are protected, and the entire RVSnag team is dedicated to that end.

Order of Terms, Servability, & Negation

Some quick legal points:

  • Should any section above, in part or whole, be deemed non-enforceable all other sections should remain intact.
  • From time to time we may update our Terms & Conditions (and other legal docs). We may not notify you when we do this, but they are always posted, and you can always request them; we aren't hiding our doing anythig sneaky, it's just hard to remember to email everyone over the years)
  • If there is any ambguity or confusion in any of the above, then: 1) Don't sign up to be a guest author, and 2) Assume it's in RVSnag's favor in all regards.

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