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RVSnag.com and all our authors are committed to providing you and your family all the relevant articles and news to keep you updated on your camping travels.

Does anyone pay you or sponsor RV Snag to write these articles?

Nope! These are opinions of the RV Snag team and invited guest authors, written in earnest - just for you and your family!

With that said, from time-to-time we are asked to write blogs on travel destinations, camp sites, and of course camping products. We don't go out of our way to write hurtful blogs or to shame others - instead we try to offer an unbiased review and transparency to let you, the reader, known when we've been potentially compromised. We appreciate it ourselves when good people spend their time to objectively explain their RV and travel trailer experiences to help us out - we want to pay it forward!

Where do you find your ideas for your content?

Easy. We travel in our travel trailer and camp with our friends and family. We are out there with you on the road, at the gas stations, visiting the Grand Cayons, the Tetons, the oceans, Disneyworld, on the lakes and rivers, and beside you while you make s'mores with your family. Our authors are invited, genuine human beings with real experiences and a kind heart. Ideas come natually when they are natural - sounds corny, but it's true.

I think you have an error or something is incorrect/out-of-date in your blog!

We hate it when it happens! But, we'd be lying to you if we said we are perfect. Please email us at social@rvsnag.com and we'd gladly fix the error or update the article. We also love it when you send us updated/better photos or perhaps a link to YOUR site that you'd like to have us update.

I can write better than all of you! Can I write an article?

Absolutely! We'd love to host your article and showcase your ideas and opinions. We have a few rules, legal docs, and standards that we'll have to share with you, but everyone is welcomed to participate. Please do the following:

  1. Click Here to apply to be a guest author - remember, we have lots of perks that can help you out!
  2. Be sure to think about photos that YOU have permission to post/share online, we LOVE photos
  3. Once we've reviewed your content idea, we'll send you some paperwork - and once signed BAM! You are a 'guest author'.

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