11 Mindful Tips for Managing a your Travel Trailer or RV

Written By: Jerome Tyson

Last Updated: 2021-01-24

Camping and spending time in an RV is often a means for relaxation. But that peaceful escape could turn into a nightmare if you do not plan things properly and aren’t organized. There are a number of ways you can make your life in the RV simple and focus more on enjoyment. In this post, those are exactly the kind of tips and tricks that we intend to share. So let's dive right in.

#1 De-clutter & Simplify

When it comes to RV camping, the number one rule is simplicity. Try to pack as light as possible by only bringing the essentials. Make a list of the must have items and stick to it. Even during the trip, try to keep things organized and clutter free inside and outside the RV. If you keep your RV and the surroundings tidy, you will be able to relax better and enjoy your time off as opposed to constantly worrying about the mess that you’d have to clean when it comes time to pack up. 

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#2 Getting Organized

This helps eliminate the stress of trying to find things when needed in a confined space like within the RV. If you can afford it, buy a separate set of essentials for the RV (such as items for the kitchen, bathroom, clothing etc) and leave them in the RV. That way you can pack quicker and worry less about forgetting items. For personal items, give a dedicated spot to each person inside closets and other storage spaces if possible. This way you can keep things from getting mixed up. Try to find see through containers for items and make sure to label them with their contents. This way you can find your belongings at a glance and also monitor the supply levels. Try to store clothes inside compression sacks so they take less room. Be careful not to mix your camping clothes with regular clothes while doing laundry after a trip. 

Use drawer organizers with rubber backings inside your drawers. Not only will they keep things organized but also keep them from moving around and making noise while driving. You can also use rubber bands to tie things like cutlery together. Buy rubber or plastic items whenever possible. This will prevent things from breaking and sliding around. Keep guides for places, animals, plants and things to do, in a handy place. Use extra large Ziploc bags for soiled clothes and (a separate one for) cleaning rags (this will save you from using tons of paper towels). These will keep the smell from permeating the space. 

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#3 Ventilation Fan

Install a ventilation fan on your RV. Either in a skylight or mount one in a window. While visiting warm destinations, these things can be lifesavers as well as gas savers since you won’t be using your air conditioning much. The ventilation fan will keep the air circulating and the heat at bay within your RV.

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#4 Shoes Off!

Make it a rule to leave shoes outside the RV when parked. This will save you a lot of mess and headaches involved in the clean up. This is especially important if you have a big family and you are traveling with kids. Similarly, invest in a large outdoor rug. Not only will it make your entryway looking nice, but it will also keep the inside of your trailer clean by catching most of the dirt outside. 

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#5 Electric Blankets

If you are at a camping site and have access to plugins, these are great to have in order to stay warm. These will save you from running your own furnace too much and can provide extra warmth if needed on cold winter nights. 

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#6 Oxygenic Shower-heads

Oxygenic shower-heads are great at conserving water without losing the pressure when needed while taking a shower. This is especially useful when you are dry camping and are having to keep a close eye on your water reserves. 

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#7 Controlling Condensation

This is big while living in the confines of your RV in places where temperatures drop at night. Make sure to have means of adequate ventilation installed and in proper running order to get rid of any steam or humidity (thinking cooking, taking showers) from the trailer. Extra moisture can result in condensation which in extreme cases cause mechanical problems, rust, wet mattresses etc. 

#8 Power Conservation

Try to replace all the incandescent sources of light in your RV with LED ones. This will save you a lot of power while parked and help conserve batteries. Investing in solar panels is also a good idea when camping in sunny destinations to keep the batteries charged in the absence of plugins. However if you do have to buy a generator instead, look for inverter ones that are easily portable and are quiet while operating. 

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#9 Around the Trailer

The night before you are planning on taking off in your RV, don’t forget to turn your fridge on. This way, by the time you are ready to throw some groceries in there for the trip, the fridge has cooled enough to ensure that the groceries don’t go bad. When you arrive at your destination. make sure to remove your trailer hitch. This will prevent you from getting injured by accidentally walking into it while unloading things from your vehicle's trunk. 

#10 Critter Prevention

If you are camping in an area where there may be lots of ants or other little bugs, sprinkling the Comet multi purpose cleaning powder around areas of the RV that touch the ground, will keep the critters from coming in. If they do manage to find their way inside, mix some original Listerine mouthwash with water and use a spray bottle to spray the mixture on surfaces where they are found. Similarly, you can spread some petroleum jelly on water and electric lines and hoses to keep the critters out. 

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#11 Cleaning the Black & Grey Tanks

Grab a bottle of some dish washing soap from the dollar store (preferably something that smells nice) and pour it down the black and grey tank for lubricating and deodorizing. When you are leaving your campsite, put a 10-15 lbs bag of ice into the black tank and fill it with some water (leave room for the melting ice) after cleaning out at the dumpsite. When you drive back, the water and the ice will slosh around the tank which should help clean out the tank further. 

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Be Mindful of the Limited Space You have in Your Travel Trailer

So there you have it. Some tips and tricks to make your life easier while you are out camping on the road. Next time you are out there, make sure to refer to these hacks and let us know if you found these suggestions useful. 

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