Movie Night (Superbowl 2021) in the Camper

Written By: Jenn Cole

Last Updated: 2021-01-14

True Glamping Includes a Movie Night, Right?

Let’s be honest with each other - you bought the travail trailer because you love being outdoors, seeing new sights and new travel destinations, and disconnect from it all! Then you set up your trailer, plop down on your RV couch in your shiny new camper, turn on your TV and fight with your satellite or internet connection to stream Netflix. 

Now, this may not describe every trip you take, come on - you know it happens more often than you’d like. But, if we continue this streak of honesty, you did bring a portable toilet, gas stove, shower, and possibly bunk beds - you’re not exactly out in the wilderness there to ‘rough it’ in your camper. As such, why not take it the next step and kick up your movie nights with your loved ones (husband, wife, kids, grandkids, your pet dog or cat) and increase your movie night setup?

The Rules

Let’s start off with some rules! When you are camping in your RV or travel trailer you often have neighbors, site rules and regulations, and just plain ‘o decency. So, we’ve set up some basic rules for when you decide if a full-blown movie night is the right move!

  1. Do you want to set up external equipment (inflatable movie screen, projector, sound system)? Do you have neighbors within 10-15 feet of your trailer? Then don’t do it. It’ll likely make your RV neighbors turn into bitter campers, and it’s not worth it.
  2. Is your campsite in the wilderness such that you are ‘boondocking’ it? If so, don’t do it. You don’t need to disturb the wildlife - it’s rare enough for a lot of campers to be able to get out to enjoy a real ‘camping-like’ experience, let’s not ruin it!
  3. Does your trailer site have noise restrictions or is your planned movie night late at night that it could be disruptive? Don’t do it! Why? Because your camp site asked you not to.

Hopefully you are seeing a pattern with the rules - don’t be a jerk about your movie night. If anything you should feel encouraged to find the kids in the park and ask their parents if they want to do an outside movie night adventure and ask others to participate! 

Movie Equipment

Inflatable Projector Screen - first up is an obvious movie night addition. This blowup screen sports 20 feet in length which is about 16’ in diagonal screen space. What’s more important is that it compacts down into a nice small package that can be stored away when not being used.

Portable Air Compressor - next we have a portal air compressor. This one connects to your cars utility power port. This has the benefit of being able to be … well … portable! This should be obvious to you by now, but it can be used to inflate chairs, pillows, and the inflatable project screen from above.  

Digital Projector - can’t have a movie night outside without a way to watch your movie! This portal digital project is compat enough to neatly pack up and tuck away once you are done. What we like about this is while it’s cheap, it’s also sporting enough lumens (brightness) to compete with ambient light, built in speakers to help get sound out to your viewing audience, AND it connects to your mobile phone/tablets to do slideshows and showcases your movies.

Don’t Forget the Popcorn

Popcorn Bags - you need popcorn of course! These disposable popcorn bags are a hit with the kids and your fellow campers. Using the convenience of your RV’s microwave (or stove/campfire jiffy pop popcorn), fill these baggies with a handful of yummy popcorn and kick back and enjoy your movie.

Popcorn - can’t fill popcorn bags without popcorn. Can’t have a good movie without some buttery popcorn (or kettle corn if that is your thing). Some might even say you can’t have popcorn without popcorn. Wait? What? You know what? Just make sure you have popcorn!

Special Upcoming Events

Regular Ole Movie Night

Imagine being out in the middle of nowhere with your family and you snuggled up under the stars with a cool new movie playing! Or maybe you’ll go for an old classic scary movie... Throw in some popcorn and s’mores and it’s a perfect night!! There are some awesome new projectors and blow up screens out there now that make this idea into a reality.

You’ll be the hit of the campground. Friends will want to camp together and have movie nights, new friends will be made by neighboring campers, and you will be guaranteed a fun night.

School Fund Raisers

Beyond camping, I can think of a bunch of other uses for these… School movie nights? Bring in some extra cash for the school and put on movie nights where you can sell popcorn, pizza, drinks, candy, etc. As well as bringing together the community. 

Social Distancing

Speaking of which, what about a block party or a neighbor get together. You can even do this social distancing with everyone keeping their space because the screen is large enough to see from a distance. 

Superbowl 2021

Superbowl will never be the same with COVID-19, but let’s reverse the damage and say with your new outdoor RV movie setup, Superbowl will never be the same. Picture this: you’re in your backyard with all your friends, a huge screen playing the game and those amazing commercials! All the snacks and outdoor games going on, and anywhere in your yard you can still catch a glimpse of the game! 

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