Where Do People Go with their RV in Winter?

Written By: Jerome Tyson

Last Updated: 2021-02-03

"When the weather outside is frightful" - the evergreen lyrics from Frank Sinatra remind us all each winter of the snow. Though the overall jingle is meant to conjure images of warmth and comfort, we all know that snow isn’t always just fluffy and pillowy white. Some of us have seen enough of it, and the very thought of shoveling through banks of it sends extra shivers down our tired spines.

Blessings of a House on Wheels

Thankfully, as an RV owner, you have the choice to hop on your home on wheels and leave the chills behind for greener pastures - literally. Not only that, you can take advantage of the winter months to enjoy certain spots which are usually packed during the summer months. We have put together a list of spots that should be on your list to check out this winter. Not only do we have sun soaked destinations on this list but we have thrown in some snow riddled spots in this list for good measure, in case you enjoy the snow - just not in your backyard. Let's start from the warmer spots and make our way to the cooler ones.

Random Loanly Road - Arizona. Sprawling flat lands dotted with picturesique mountains.

1. Arizona

Some of the best desert landscapes reside in Arizona and winter may very well be the best time to explore these otherwise sweltering camps. The amazing aspect of this area is the fact that you can find snow on some of the higher elevations such as the Grand Canyon, which in the quiet season, can be a sight to behold. Places like Sedona, Yuma and Phoenix are home to some of the more temperate spots in the area. 


Galvistan - Texas. Yeeee haw! Wait? This isn't a rodeo, it's a carnival on the water!

2. Texas

Texas is the next spot on our list of warm destinations to visit during winter. Much like Arizona, the heat in the Lone Star state is not easy to bear for non-residents. But the winters are balmy and the nights are cooled by the desert breeze. Places like Houston, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio and South Padre Island are some of the many places where RV-ers can enjoy excellent camping grounds and facilities. 

Viva Las Vegas Baby! - Nevada. Now, don't go spending all your money here!

3. Nevada

While we’re on the subject of dry and hot south western states, Nevada is another desert state that ought to be on your list. The Canyon Trailer RV park is one of the most famed stops for RV’s in the quaint Boulder City. Not only that, the proximity to some of the biggest landmarks in the country in the form of the Hoover Dam and the natural wonder of the Colorado River, makes this state a great poster child for places to visit. And let's not forget Sin City and Lake Havasu either. 

California Coastline - Great for beach camping and RV'ing

4. California

The neighboring state of California is adorned with RV spots right along the coast of the Pacific Ocean. The variety of landscapes that adorn the state make it a great attraction for RV-ers from all over the country. The Joshua Tree National Park, the Napa Valley, Waypoint Ventura are some of the renowned spots to check out in the winter weather.   

Myrtle Beach at Sunset - South Carolina

5. South Carolina

We have fixated on the west coast for a while now. The east coast isn’t void of attractions either for RV goers. Not only does South Carolina provide a viable escape from the cold, the foliage is also breathtaking if you are into that. Besides, who hasn’t heard of the famous Myrtle Beach? The adjacent North Carolina is also home to the Carolina Beach State Park. The coastal villages and other attractions along the coast of both these states, are great spots to roost in winter by a campfire. 

Floira Coastline - Crisp blue water & clean sand

6. Florida

The southernmost coast on the east is known to attract flocks of RV owners and vacationers during winter. If you haven’t guessed yet, we are of course talking about Florida. The abundance of beaches, cheap cost of living and the laid back nature of the locals, should make this his on your list. 

Where will You Go for Winter?

So there you have it. Even though the winter descends upon us once a year, being an RV owner gives you the option to haul the family over to more temperate lands. The sprawling vastness of the United States and the natural beauty that is sprinkled throughout, gives us not only a number of places to choose from to escape the cold but also gives us a reason to venture out there and connect with nature. The big question you really need to figure out by yourself is: "where will you go with your RV in winter?"

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