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AMPLOCK RV/Trailer Coupler Lock

Safety First

What does it do?

On RV Snag ( you'll find we've listed a few of these trailer hitch locks - we don't use them all ourselves as we don't have that many trailers, but we wanted to provide a sampling of highly rated hitch locks to give variety; whats VERY IMPORTANT to understand is that not all hitches and hitch locks are compatible and it can be some trial and error.

In as few words as possible the hitch locks provide one primary objective: protect your trailer from being hauled off by thieves!

It sounds weird to say it, even after years of owning our own trailers, but we see reports in our own camping backyards and home town that people will just drive up to your unattended trailer, hitch up, and drive away! It's scary, and an incredible violation of your personal space, but "people are people" and "stuff happens" so why ignore the potential?

The trailer locks on RV Snag provide added security by slipping into the cavity if your trailers hitch (the part that connects to your towing vehicle) and it "locks" to it -- this prevents others from driving up and taking your camper.

Why do we like this hitch lock?

There are a few reasons we've selected this lock for our product listings:

  1. This is THE premier lock that can be found on the market. It's pricey for sure, but the protection is unrivaled.
  2. We like the cylindrical locking mechanism, especially since it's also patented technology. What this means to us is that the odds your particular thief knows how to correct pick this lock is VERY unlikely - thus, your trailer shall remain safe!
  3. Made from materials in the USA!
  • Molded to fit the specific shape of your trailer or Caravan (RV) 2 5/16 inches coupler when unhitched
  • Materials used by AMPLOCK provide good rust resistance for use in all climates
  • Easy to use with AMPLOCK’s push and lock system
  • The strongest lock to secure your trailer or caravan (RV) made with high quality materials and control and identification key system
  • Made of American (USA) materials

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