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Camco T Level (Bubble Leveler)


What does it do?

Another great Camco product that offers the conveneience of quickly (and accurately) measuring your travel trailers level. Whether you have an RV, motorhome, or 5th wheel, these little levelers are great small additions to your glamping setup.

Installation is a cinch: simply find a location on one of your walls that can both be easily accessed, but is still somewhat out of view, and install with the mounting hardware. Once installed, when you are deploying your trailer at your campsite, go check your levels to know which struts/jacks need to be adjusted to get an accurate and level trailer deployment. For a few bucks, and a little installation, you'll sleep better and likely have an easier time on your doors (trust me: if you've ever deployed your trailer and it wasn't level, your doors are a pain to open and close since they aren't flush with the rest of the trailer -- this can help fix that problem).

How do we use it on our own trips?

Well, first thing we do when we get to a new location is we jump into the trailer to get a read of the trailer as it sits on the hitch. This is our baseline. From there we asses which jacks needs to be adjusted more than others. This has shaved off countless minutes (and if compounded over the years, probably hours/days) of fussing over trying to get the trailer level by opening/closing doors to see if it's good enough. We've also tried the old trick of bringing a wall/flat level with us (the kind used for construction) - it works, but it's a pain to walk around the trailer to find level locations to place the leveler to get an accurate read (bumps in the floor and imperfections in the trailer walls will cause misreads). Having this handy little levelers allows our family to quickly get a read on what we need to do - and do it!

Spend more time with your family and the outdoors by quickly deploying your camper setup with this levelers.

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