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Collapsible Dish Drying Rack

Kitchen Worthy

What is it?

It slices, it dices.. no it doesn't do those things at all. But, it does collapse down into pretty much a small fraction of it's original size to help save space while you are traveling in your RV or travel trailer. Look... it's a drying rack - there is no good way to make this look glamorous. Everyone needs one - it's like a shower or a toilet for your dishes. We don't talk about it with our neighbors or get giddy when we get a new one - but, you still need one. Why not buy one from RV Snag, and more so one that is DURABLE and built for your RV or travel trailer?

  • Kitchen Space Saver - Pop up to use and collapsible for storage under the sink.
  • Dish Drain Board doubles as a Non Slip Serving Tray with handles.
  • Built-in Utensil Drying Rack - To organize Silverware, Cutlery, Kitchen Cooking Utensil.
  • Dimensions: 14.2 L x 12.4W x 1.1 H in; expanded height: 14.2 L x 12.4 W x 5.0 H in.Compact & Portable - Ideal Kitchen camping accessories for campers, travel trailers, RV & outdoor.
  • Rust Proof Dish Rack - Made with Heavy Duty Plastic & Flexible Silicone.

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