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Collapsible Dog Bowls

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What are they?

These silicon bowls are amazing for your pets (dogs & cats) for the simple reason that they collapse down into virtually nothing! These bowls container about a cup and half of fluid (12 fl oz), and about 1.5 cups of food - this makes it very ideal for controlling your pets portions (added benefit). Because they collapse down so small, they are great not just for storing but for putting in the car or in your backpack (they even have a handy-dandy belt clip that makes it convenient for you to attach to your travel bags).

When you are done with the bowls simple press on the top and bottoms to compress them down into a fraction of their original height. What we love about these bowls is that they have these embedded 'steps' that you can create smaller versions of the bowls (AKA it has variable sizes to meet all occasions).

But I don't have a dog or cat, so why should I care?

Well Mr or Mrs. Smarty-pants, these bowls are just bowls =P. You can use them wherever and whenever regardless if you have an animal. It can be slightly off putting to use a product that is marketed for an animal, but we assure you these bowls are designed for all sorts of purposes (and creatures, including humans).

  • Convenient collapsible design for saving space - great for your travel trailer or RV.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry with climbing buckle.
  • These dog bowls are made of high quality odorless silicone.
  • Each bowl holds up to 12 fluid oz of water or 1.5 cups of pet food.
  • The dog bowls can be collapsible to different sizes, suitable for all small to medium dogs, cats and other animals.
  • Dishwasher safe, and the material ensures they last as long as possible!

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