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RV Toilet Paper, Septic Tank Safe (8 Rolls/500 Sheets)

Bathroom Worthy

What is it?

I'm glad you asked! It's toilet paper, but not just any toilet paper, it's RV-grade septic safe toilet paper for your travel trailer or RV!

Why should you care? Well... if I have to explain it, you may need more help than I can offer! In short, your RV or travel trailer has a specially designed toilet that can be driven on the road, handle harsh elements, and take the worst your family has to offer (ew!), but sadly, it can't handle normal toilet paper. Normal toilet paper doesn't breakdown like septic safe/RV-grade toilet paper does, and as such it clogs, and it clings, and it starts to smell (really bad!), and it just causes too many problems to mention that if you trust anything from our website, trust that it's best to buy the RV-grade toilet paper before problems arise.

What happens if I don't use this toilet paper?

Pretty simple - you'll first notice a smell. You will also likely encounter their your septic gauge may not be accurately reading how full your black tank is - well... that's because you got toilet paper built up on the walls of your tank. Now, when you go to purge your blank tank into the sewer, you may notice clogs form in the tube and/or be misled into thinking it's clear, but it's not - then when you unhook everything you have a very undesirable mess on your hands (at the very least on the ground) -- you may or may not already know but spilling your black tank, even as an accident is a big campsite No-No! And, more importantly, you are responsible for cleaning up your mess. Look... it's simple... don't buy the toilet paper, but at least let us say "I told you so" when the sh!t hits the fan (aka your shoes).

  • 2 ply soft rapid dissolving quick dissolve septic safe
  • 8 super soft rolls per pack, 500 sheets/roll, 2-ply, biodegradable.
  • Quick dissolve toilet paper is designed to dissolve faster and more completely than standard bathroom tissue.
  • Contains no dyes or parabens, is 100% biodegradable, and is safe for all camping toilets, septic systems, portable potty, and camp toilets

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