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Giant Wooden Jenga Blocks


What is it?

It's Jenga. Enough said. Where have you been these last 30+ years? Jenga is a classic and iconic game where you stack the blocks up in a particular pattern (see the photos/instructions for the pattern), and then carefully you pull out the blocks one at a time and continue to stack up the blocks on the top of the tower. Eventually, what happens is that the tower becomes so wobbly and ... SPLASH, the wooden blocks come crashing down. Game over. Or is it? Stack them back up and start over again.

What do you get?

With this set you get 56 pieces of pine wood pieces that are MUCH larger than the original set you are likely used to playing on the table. Additionally, some of the blocks are numbered - why? We aren't sure. The creators recommend that you can create your own rules around the numbered blocks or perhaps there is a formal game out there, but you don't buy these giant blocks for the numbers - you buy them because they are DURABLE and comically fun to play with.

Honestly, when we aren't playing a formal game of giant Jenga, our kids are playing with them by stacking them up or playing some awkward game of dominos. Regardless, we all have fun and these blocks hold up to the challenge.

  • Get the whole family involved in a super fun game! Block measures 6.4" L x 2.1" W x 1.2 ".
  • Each block piece is made from 100% pine wood.
  • A super convenient carrying case makes it easy to transport and store all the pieces of the puzzle.
  • Take the fun from the house to the lawn.
  • 20 blocks are numbered so that you can create your own rules or bonus rules like reverse direction, skip player or go again.

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