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What is it?

Beer pong, or just "Table Pong", has become a US staple of college students. It's a silly and fun (and often loud) game where you arrange cups similar the formation of bowling pins. Then you throw ping-ping balls (thus the name beer pong) into the cups and attempt to get the balls to stay in the cups. Sounds easy right? It is... for the seasoned beer pong'er :). There are tricks to the game, and a few gotchas. The name beer pong came about for the perhaps obvious part of the game that involves filling the cups slightly with beer so the balls can float in the cups. If your opponents make it into one of your cups you have to drink that contents. Now things are getting interesting!

Like all adult games, we highly recommend that you don't play in front of young or impressionable children. Drink responsibly (and away from fires) and make sure you are respectful of the camping site you are on. Everyone wants you and your friends to have a great time, but you also need to be respectful and responsible.

Why do we like it?

Have you seen the photos? These lights are perfect for going around the rim of your cups which give your cups not only a VERY cool effect at night, but they also help to formalize the event and provide some clarity of target. Your friends and family will love this addition to an otherwise classic game.

  • Game Set now includes an EXTRA night's supply of Glowing Cup Sticks. Re-use your cups and play GLOWPONG 2 FULL NIGHTS!
  • Includes 24 Glowing Party Cups, 48 Glowing Cup Sticks (Multi-Color Variety: R, G, B, Y, O, Pu, Pi), 4 Glowing Game Balls and 1 LED Charging.
  • Game can be played with traditional “Beer Pong” or “Beirut” rules, but also great as an all ages target game - make up your own rules, fill the cups with water or soda, kids love the bright glowing colors
  • Perfect for indoor or outdoor house parties and events, BBQ’s, tailgating, camping, beach bonfires, bars, pubs, nightclubs… bring it with you and play the game anywhere

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