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Bocce Ball

What is it?

Bocce ball is what I like to think of the modern safe version of lawn darts. If you don't remember lawn darts, trust me, they are as dangerous as you think (and as stupid an invention). In lawn darts you have a giant dart you throw in the air and then let land on the ground (ouch!), but in bocce ball, you instead throw a small ping-pong size ball into the lawn/dirt and then you try throw grapefruit sized colored balls as close as you can to the target white ball. Whomever is closest wins that round. To make it even more entertaining, you can aim for your opponents ball and WHACK them out of the way (that's my favorite part of the game and why no one will play with my anymore).

  • COMPLETE SET: 90mm (3.54") Bocce Balls weighing 1lb 11oz each, (2 Red + 2 Green + 2 Blue + 2 Yellow)
  • CANVAS BOCCE BAG: Includes durable canvas carrying case to easily enjoy Bocce outdoors and to store after use
  • PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION: Compare against other low quality brands that use cheap resin leading to cloudy finishes

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