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Heavy Duty Leveling Blocks (10-pack)


What is it?

Leveling blocks are used to be placed either under your tires, or more commonly they are placed under the jacks used to stabilize your trailer. Basically anywhere your trailer touches the ground there is an opportunity to place these leveling blocks on the ground to help stabilize and evenly distribute the weight.

How do we use them on our trips?

We carry at least 2 full packs of leveling blocks (double what they sell). We always need more and sometimes it's nice to place a stack of 3-4 on top of each other in order to reduce the height in which are jacks need to touch the ground (saves our arms and the amount of time spent on the ground).

  • 10 interlocking blocks stack to the desired height for safe and easy leveling
  • Engineered with a patented design to optimize both strength and weight, resin is UV stabilized and built to last even when exposed to sunlight for extended periods of time
  • Strong, durable construction and a solid bottom to help keep them from sinking into the ground
  • Ideal for other equipment stabilization needs
  • Includes zippered storage bag with handle for easy transportation and storage

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