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Card Game: Sotally Tober (Fun Drinking Game, 21+)

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What is it?

It's so much fun wrapped in a small package, you'd wonder why you'd ever have an adult beverage again! Ha! Joking aside, this is an ADULT card game that you can play with a small crowd (there is no upper limit, so a limit on the number of cards!). Reviews have suggested that you will want at least four people to play this game, preferably more.

What's the gist of the game?

There are 5 types of cards. Activity (Orange) cards are actions you must perform. Skill (Green) cards give you special abilities. Curse (Blue) cards make you suffer. Secret (Yellow) cards are hidden tricks you can perform. Decree (Red) cards place effects on everyone.

Designed as a drinking game with fun activities this game is best played with … drinks. So staying totally sober would be difficult. Whoever takes the least amount of drinks is declared the winner. Alternatively, drinks can be substituted with points for a totally sober approach.

  • This is a GREAT GIFT IDEA.
  • Make great memories, uncover new talents, embarrass yourself and your friends.
  • Compete with your friends and family by drawing a card in turn from the deck - where each card engages others to participate in staying totally sober, or... if you are losing (winning?) sotally tober? What? =P.
  • This 125 pack of large (4.25 x 2.75in) cards is a perfect present for anyone who likes to have fun and enjoy themselves in a company of friends.

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