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K-Box Cooler & Warmer Travel Box

Kitchen Worthy
Road Trip

What is it?

This is both a portable cooler and warmer for your trips and long car rides. Yes... you read correctly - cooler AND warmer. It plugs into a standard 110V US outlet, or into a standard utility port (commonly called cigarette lighter). Once powered, forget the ice packs or trying to find ways to keep your food cool or warm - drop it into this chest, adjust your settings, and hit the road!

Why do we like this?

We love this cooler for our own trips because we don't like stopping unless we have to. Since we have small kids with us we can pack all sorts of snacks for them that we normally couldn't. We don't use the warming function as much as we do the cooling function, but it does keep our goods nice and cool (and keeps us on the road longer). Also, for the first day, you may also be waiting to get your refrigerator up and running - during this time you can use this cooling chest to keep your goods fresh until you are ready to transfer the into the RV or travel trailer fridge.

  • Whether you're travelling on the road or camping in an RV, camper or minivan, this large capacity storage container to heat & warm or cool & chill food & drink.
  • The cooler/warmer combo has 2 built in cords - one for standard wall outlets, and one for car power adapters. Both have storage compartments to be hidden when not in use.
  • This 34 quart cooler stores over 48 cans of soda or a large 2 liter bottle with plenty of space for food & snacks.
  • A removable divider creates 2 compartments easier organizing.
  • This cooler maintains a cool 40°F temp without any ice.
  • Ergonomic handle & compact design make this electric cooler/warmer easy to carry for even 1 person alone.
  • It fits easily into car trunks & seats for bulk free travel.

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