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Kohree Tire Covers for RV Wheel Set of 4


What does it do?

These are wheel covers, pure and simple! They cover your wheels. Why would you want to cover your wheels you ask? For the simple reason that snow, rain, ice, and most importantly, sun destroys the rubber of your tires. The longer your tires are exposed to the elements the less you can use them. There are a number of available products on the market that can help with this, but the best solution is to give your tires some nice shade.

How do we use it on our own trips?

We use the wheel covers both when we are storing the trailer between our trips (or during winter) and when we get to our destinations. These wheel covers help to disguise our tires (giving our trailer setup a more polished feel on the outside), shield them from the elements like the damaging sun, and it helps to keep them clear of dirt/debris and a few critters.

Stretch the weatherproofed fabric over your tires and secure it with the included hardware. In this way, the covers stay in place and provide great protection for your tires on your travel trailer or motorhome (psst! you can also use these on your towing vehicles).

  • RV tire covers set of 4, ideal for RVs, 5th wheel, travel trailer, camping, Class A, Class B, and Class C, motorhome, and jeeps or trucks.
  • Heavy-duty RV wheel covers are waterproof and have better flexibility.
  • Elasticized back and hook system on each cover for maximum staying power - great for those windy days.
  • Protect the tires and wheels from sun, rain, frost and snow damage, dirt, rust, corrosion and all types of weather.

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