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Libbert Power Tongue Jack


What does it do?

The Libbert Power Tongue Jack is an awesome upgrade to any trailer, even if you have an existing power jack (and especially if you still have a hand crank trailer). Most new trailers sold in today's market will come with amentities like power tongue jacks, so getting one on your older trailer helps to keep it modern and relevant in today's market.

If you aren't familiar with what a power tongue jack is or does, it's very simple: it uses hydraulics that are powered by your trailers electrical (your battery power is enough) to lift and lower the front-end of your travel trailer when you are setting up and tearing down your camping setup. If you didn't have a power tongue jack, you'd be hand-cranking your jack up and down (which is fine if you are young and plenty strong), but once you own a power tongue jack you cannot deny the awesomeness it adds to your travel trailer deployments!

With a flip of a switch the Libbert Power Tongue Jack will raise your very heavy travel trailer off your tow hitch and help to level you out. Once you are ready to leave, just flip the switch in the opposite direction and the Libbert Power Tongue Jack will lower gracefully back down onto your ball hitch.

It's a life-saver, (arm-saver?) trust us!

How do we use it on our own trips?

Using it is pretty simple: when you are on the road make sure that the Libbert Power Tongue Jack is fully retracted to avoid any bumps on the road while you are driving. We've learned our lessons in years past that if you get lazy about bringing your tongue, if you hit any dips in the road you run the risk of bending your tongue (like we did); keep in mind, we bent out tongue when we had a hand-cranked tongue on our first trailer and I got lazy because I didn't want to lift it all the way up! So I left it partially deployed so I wouldn't have to crank as much, got to our site, and BAM! Noticed that somewhere along the way we bent it. That's when we bought our first Libbert Power Tongue Jack and installed it on site.

When we are ready to lift the trailer we place our blocks under the foot of the tongue, make sure our battery is connected to provide the power, and press the button to lower the Libbert Power Tongue Jack down onto the block (the block helps to distribute the weight of the trailer when it makes contact with the ground). We also have some bubble levelers around the trailer so we can run around while deploying our camper at the camp site to make sure the trailer is level - if it's not just quickly move the hydraulic Libbert Power Tongue Jack up or down depending on which direction you need.

Now... that's the obvious use for the Libbert Power Tongue Jack, but my personal favorite are the four LED's installed on the head of the jack. What's nice about this seemingly benign feature is that when you are in the dead of night (side of the road, pit stop, etc) and needing to operate the jack or check on the front of your trailer (AKA adjusting your propane tanks so you could have heat during a cold night), flip a switch on the Libbert Power Tongue Jack head and turn on some extra illumination. Honestly, our family had no idea we'd use it so often and how convenient the entire setup is.

  • 4 LED lights provide excellent illumination while reducing power consumption.
  • Increased tube diameter now gives our jack a 3,500-pound rating.
  • Helical cut gears reduce noise and improve operating efficiency.
  • Mounting hardware, pins and manual crank handle included.
  • Textured casing helps protect from chips and cracks.
  • Enhanced rocker switch improves durability.
  • 30 AMP, 18 Inch Stroke.
  • Hooks up to your standard deep cycle battery.
  • Comes with all the hardware needed to install.

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