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Outdoor Nature Scavenger Hunt Card Game


What is it?

This is just great, is what it is! This keeps our kids busy for hours on end. It's possible to do the scavenger hunt in the car, to help the car rides, which is a sweet bonus, but the real value add is once you get to your camp site and after you've setup your RV or travel trailer. Because of the customization that comes with this scavenger hunt, the possibilities are endless and this provides kids (and adults) countless hours of entertainment. Next best feature? This game is so well 'contained' that it packs up neatly in the provided bag that is can easily stow away in your RV or travel trailer storage compartments without having to worry about taking up valuable space.

  • A natural outdoor scavenger hunt
  • Fun game for all the family
  • A perfect companion to any outdoor trip, fits easily into a pocket
  • Invites you to utilize all your senses
  • Game can last from 2 mins to the whole day

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