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RV and Travel Trailer Tarp


What is it?

This tarp (RV and travel trailer cover) is used to protect your RV/travel trailer investment during the off-season (typically the winter months) from the sun, wind, rain and snow. What a lot of new RV'ers don't realize is how harsh the sun is - we're taught how important it is to use sun block these days (to guard against harmful UV rays) well the same is also true for your RV. All your seals, and roof, and metal-parts are going to be prone to failure, breakdown (e.g. rust) and degrading (UV rays are harsh, what can we say?). This cover works great to add a superior layer of protection around the entire trailer.

There are several different lengths you can purchase so be sure to know your trailers dimensions BEFORE you checkout. And, also remember, that this isn't something you put on and take off between your trips - it's a lot of effort to get it on and then you have to store it - so this is an 'annual' maintenance activity.

  • ✅【TEAR PROOF】–Newly developing Mixed Anti-UV Composite Fabric for top panel, extra-thick, extra strength, Rip-stop; White Composite Fabric up to 5 Layers and 3-Ply Side Non-Woven can provide maximum weather and damage protection against harmful UV, rain, snow, dirt, nicks, and scratches.
  • ✅【WIND PROOF】– Reinforced white corner patch at both sides help to protect the whole cover from damaging. Extra 2pcs straps are specially designed for better protecting cover against blowing away and tearing by heavy wind.
  • ✅【VENTILATION&VIEW】–6 Air vents on both sides, can effectively reduce wind stress, meanwhile, quick dry system protect your love car. Rollable zippered door on both sides allow access to the RV doors and engine areas anytime, easy to view and check internal situation.
  • ✅【FULL EQUIPMENTS】–2pcs Reinforced straps- protecting cover against blowing away by wind; 4pcs durable wheel cover- elasticized back hem with quick-connect clips for a fast and adjustable fit; 1pc portable Storage Bag- easy to store it and use again; 1pc adhesive patch.

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