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Throw Throw Burrito

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What is it?

Uh... it's a game called Throw Throw Burrito! Come-on... isn't that enough to want to purchase and try it? It's actually pretty funny. The outdoor version (featured here) is basically blowup burritos (approximately 3 feet in height) that you then throw at each other. Sounds silly, and it is, but there is more to it. The short version is that you also get playing cards, build your hand, and play your cards accordingly - then, when the time is right, the cards will dictate who will be "burrito'ed" ;-).

What's great about this game is that it's cards + inflatables! Cleanup is a breeze, and it stores away into the smallest of storage bins. Then, when you want to play, blow it up quickly and BAM! You got a full "blown" game (get it?).

Kids and adults of all ages enjoy Throw Throw Burrito, and if you add alcohol just remember to stay quiet for your neighbors and most definitely don't play around any fire pits! As always, stay safe, play smart, and smile - you're outdoors.

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