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Waterdrop RV Inline Water Filter

Kitchen Worthy
Bathroom Worthy
Safety First

What is it?

This is an inline water filter that allows your inline water hose to be connected to a water filter that then pipes into your trailer. It's actually very easy to install - just connect this filter next to your trailers intake valve and connect the hose to the filter. Pretty simple! In this way the water passes through the spigot, into the filter, then into the trailer. Bam! Clean, fresh water.

How does our family use it on our trips?

My wife and kids insist that we have filters installed on our all of trips. Too many times have we connected the hose to run the water and their a foul odor, odd color, or otherwise undesirable water quality that comes out of the faucets. We've had enough problems on our travelings that we also bring spare water with us just in case the filter isn't enough. Absolutely worth the money!

  • Inline water filter with long durability can last 3 months to provide clean and crisp drinking water.
  • Removes particles larger than 20 microns.
  • Comes with an anti-kink flexible hose protector, which helps to prevents hose from kinking and straining for smooth water flow.
  • The hose protector can be attached to any 3/4GHT standard water hoses.

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